Property Management

Our services list is wide and solves every aspect of any situation that might affect your Community.

  • Financial Position
  • Specialized legal advice.
  • Maintenance.
  • Periodic inspections.
  • Technical reports.
  • Set of specifications to suppliers.
  • Gardening.
  • Pests Control (insects and rodents).


Our goal is to get a different service based on trust, closeness, and professionalism, seeking to maximize the resources available in the Communities, ie our customers, to get quality services in line with the fees they are paying to the community.

More Services

  • Community Constitution to those Communities that requires them.
  • Legalization of the Book of Acts of the Community.
  • Registration of the property in the corresponding Delegation of Finance and conducting the necessary procedures for the granting of the NIF.
  • Issuing and managing monthly billing, receipts from the regular budget as extraordinary. Receipts management bank collection are sent to the bank via the Internet, reducing the cost of bank commissions for the community.
  • Control and payment of all financial obligations of the community of periodic and regular character, and other exceptional entrust the Community and will be authorized by the President of the Community in order to maintain proper function of each and every one of the services of the building.
  • Annual Expenses and income, detailing all the expenses grouped by items , and distributed according to the corresponding partition coefficients, and detailing the income for the different concepts of issue, mentioning balances.
  • Preparation of annual budget expenditure.
  • Preparation of invitations to general meetings,
  • Ordinary and Extraordinary; attendance at such meetings with specialized personnel Martin Properties.
  • We have available to our communities a large boardroom.
  • Writing and sending to all owners of minutes Community Boards and transcription to the Book of Acts.
  • Labour advice, confection and payment of payroll and social security of the employees of the community, as well as income tax returns
  • We have technical and human resources for the maintenance and upkeep that may need your Community, the services provided will be billed separately, also, ask and we will process all budgets for the works to be performed in the building. Reports, Technical Certificates and Optional billed separately.
  • We have a team of lawyers specializing in Condominium to the service of our communities of owners, for the legal defense in general. The services provided will be billed separately.
  • We manage the processing of claims, which can happen in your community, with the insurance company of the Community continuously monitoring until complete resolution.